Work at Home

We’re a generation that has grown up online and it’s no wonder that we’re looking for a way to earn our living online. After all, working at home has many benefits – you don’t have to spend money on gas and don’t have to spend time to travel to work and back, you can do the work at the pace you want and you don’t have anyone looming over your head while you’re doing it – all of those advantages has brought us a generation of work at home bloggers.


Anyone can start a blog, and start it for free at that, there are numerous services that allow you to host a blog for free, but someone who wants to earn his living with a blog has to think a bit broader than that. First of all, the basic blog design on most of those free services leaves a lot to be desired for, so you need to either get someone who’s got more experience in web design to give you a hand or you need to spend the time learning to do so yourself. Doing it yourself has it’s benefits, but some people just aren’t talented or don’t feel like doing that kind of work, so you can purchase a template from a blog template site, and that’s not too big of an expense.


The hard part of the work when it comes to work at home bloggers is standing out from the crowd. No matter just what kind of blog you’re trying to run, there is already content of the same type online available and you need to make sure that it’s your content that attracts most attention. It takes a lot of effort to do so – your writing needs to stand out, you need to be familiar with the topic you’re writing about and you need to have in depth knowledge that would have people visit you instead of just checking out wikipedia or going somewhere else to get their info. Flashy graphics are just a nuisance, they aren’t supposed to be what you rely on to get people to check your page out, you need them to read what you write and to want to participate in conversation about your topics. Social marketing is also a pretty big part of what any blogger should be interested in – you want people to share your posts and content on facebook, to talk about it on twitter and so on – anything to get more exposure.


Only when you have a good viewer base can you think about just what do you intend to do to earn money. It’s easiest if you’re doing reviews of some products – you can just get a percentage of the sales of the products generated by your reviews, but if you’re talking about let’s say cooking then ¬†you could turn to website adds services, there are half a dozen of very popular and reliable ones that you can read up on in other guides to see which one suits you the best.

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